Spill Response and Containment

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Australian Emergency Response Guidebook 2018


Australian Emergency Response Guidebook 2018 Provides emergency response information for dealing with accidents, spills, leaks or fires involving dangerous goods. Information on hazards, protective clothing and emergency procedures is given. This Handbook may be used with the transport or storage of dangerous goods as listed in the 7th edition of the ADG Code and the 16th edition of the UN 'Orange book'. The lists of UN Numbers and Shipping names correspond with those in the aforementioned documents, and are referenced to the appropriate emergency response guides

Bio Hazard Bag Print XL Yellow 75cm x 86cm


Colour: YellowSize: 750mm x 860mm / X-Large

Bio-Waste - Body Fluids Absorbent 500ml Sachet


Human and animal spills such as vomit, urine and blood occur and in some incidences, these can be highly infectious. Innocently, staff, customers and the public through direct contact or by cross contamination can be affected by these fluids. Contaminated sewage, food waste, sullage and similar hazard fluids can also present a problem to clean up. LSL BIO-WASTE Absorbent is a fast, simple and safe spill response for all these fluids and replaces traditional cleaning methods of mop & bucket and paper towels. LSL BIO-WASTE Infectious Waste Absorbent will rapidly immobilize potentially hazardous spills. Its unique absorbent properties allow the spill to be swept away without the risk of personal contact. It will reduce odours & the potential for cross contamination with the addition of deodouriser/antiseptic in the product . With a blend of natural essential oils added for their de-odourising & antiseptic properties it can be used for infectious spills such as: Human - vomit, urine, blood, faeces Animal - vomit, urine, blood, faeces Spoiled food - waste bins, sullage Contaminated waste - sewage, food waste liquids    

Decontam Bag 1500 x 1200 x 200


Decontam Bag 1500 x 1200 x 200  

Decontamination Broom with 2.4m Extendable Handle


Photo is sample only - item supplied may differ from image offered

Decontamination Bucket to Suit Decon Broom


Photo is sample only - item supplied may differ from image offered

Decontamination Zone Salvage Sheet - 3 Colour - Red, Yellow & Green


Decontamination Zone Salvage Sheet - Three Colour - Red Yellow Green - 2.5m x 7.5m

Denso Mastic - 3kg Block


Denso Mastic is a contour filler used for profiling irregular shapes in order to improve contours for tape wrapping. Commonly used with the Denso tape system

Denso Tape


A cold applied tape which remains plastic over a wide temperature range. It is non hardening and non cracking. It is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis, salts and micro organisms and highly impermeable to water, water vapour and gases. Used for the protection of buried or exposed pipes, rods, cables, valves and metal fittings from corrosion.

E928A Hazmat Overdrum 60L Orange


E928A Hazmat Overdrum 60 Litre Orange with Burst Seal Disc (SA Fire Service Standard)

Haz Chem Emergency Action Guide - Card


Haz Chem Emergency Action Guide - Card

Hazchem Spill Containment Kit - 240L


Budget spill containment kit with just basic absorbents only for surrounding, containing and cleaning up a medium size spill Absorbs and cleans up spills of oils, fuels, solvents, pesticides and herbicides, sullage and other non hazardous general liquids - Acids and caustics subject to absorbent MSDS requirements  Kit Contents:  1 x 240L red wheelie bin (clearly labelled "Chemical Spill Response" 2 x 10kg spill stop econo absorbent - all purpose powder 3 x 3.0m hazchem absorbent socks 1 x Hazchem absorbent pillow 100 x Hazchem absorbent pads 10 x Waste Bags w/- ties 1 x Full instructions and MSDS (on inside of lid) Dustpan & Brush 1 x Set protective gloves and goggles 1 x Service tag 

HAZCHEM Vehicle Spill Kit

Spill contain07

High performance small Spill Kits. Ideal kit for Laboratories, small Chemical Stores, Transport Vehicles & Emergency Response Groups. Features "Uni-Safe" Chemical Binder. This unique "one absorbent for all chemicals" product has many benefits. Although it is a little more expensive than other absorbents, it offers a high level of safety for the responder personnel in rapidly turning the chemical into a solid whilst suppressing the hazardous vapours. Containment Boom and Pads in the kit also supplement the clean-up process. UNI-SAFE is a powder that absorbs and gels all chemicals (except mercury), biotech liquids and even body fluids, without creating a reaction Other absorbents on the market are chemical-specific, so you need several different products. This creates the risk of using the wrong absorbent on the chemical spill or the absorbent MSDS indicates restrictions on some chemicals, creating a potentially dangerous reaction. Since UNI-SAFE is universal, you save money by only needing one absorbent in the spill kit. Kit Comprises:  1 x Vinyl Weatherproof bag 55 x35 x25cm (clearly labelled Spill Response) 1 x 2 litre Jug "Uni-Safe" Chemical Binder 1 x 5 litre Jug  Spill Stop Econo Absorbent - all purpose powder 1 x 1.2 m Hazchem Absorbent Sock 10 x Hazchem Absorbent Pads  1 x set Protective Gloves & Goggles  1 x Security Lock Tag 1 x full instructions and MSDS 1 x clean up utensils (dustpan, brush, wastebags & ties) 1 x Service Tag

Oil and Fuel Spill Containment Kit


Oil and Fuel Spill Containment Kit Contains: 1 x 240L Yellow Wheelie Bin (clearly labelled 'Spill Response') 70kg Spill Sweep Absorbent - bioactive powder (loose in bin) Full instructions and MSDS (on inside lid) Clean up utensils (broom, dustpan & brush)

Oil Spill Response Kit (small)


An ideal small Containment spill kit in a durable bin. Contains extra items such as a 1.2m Mini Boom for surrounding a spill and Absorbent pads to supplement the loose powdered Spill Sweep absorbent. 'OILS/FUELS ONLY' SPILL CONTAINMENT KIT in a 20 litre bin with absorbents for surrounding, containing & cleaning up a small spill. Kit Comprises 1 x 20 litre plastic bucket with lid (clearly labelled "Oil/Fuel Spill Response"1 x 5kg Spill Sweep Absorbent bioactive powder5 x Oil Only Absorbent Pads 1 x Oil Only Mini Boom 1.2mL x 75mmD1 x Full instructions and MSDS1 x Clean up utensils ( brush, waste bags & ties) 1 x Service Tag

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