Spill Sweep Absorbent 10kg Bag

Spill Sweep Absorbent 10kg Bag

Product Code : Spill03

Bio-Organic is a fine particle product for the benefits of rapid and high capacity absorption. Use on all fluids except high concentration chemicals. These absorbents will quickly and effectively clean up oil, fuel and most
general spills and is our most popular absorbent for general industrial applications and Prenco Spill Kits.

"Bio-Organic" absorbs almost instantly making spill clean up a one step process and saving time, money and mess associated with leaving piles of absorbent on the floor. Simply surround the fluid with the absorbent, sweep over the surface with a broom and collect for disposal.


  • absorbs oil & fuels first out of water (does not fill up with the water and therefore become ineffective on the oils) which is a good advantage on a wet day oil spill
  • leaves no surface slick - quick & easy to use
  • safe to use – natural product (contains no crystalline silica)
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors
  • 100% biodegradable, organic product


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