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CMC Rescue Vertical-Lift Litter Harness

HAR Stretcher21

Confined spaces and narrow openings require the litter to be rigged with the patient held vertically in order to fit, and these openings usually end with a 90-degree transition. The Vertical-Lift Litter Harness eases the transition over an edge when a high anchor point is not available, such as a parapet roof, out a window, off a tank top, or over a handrail. This reduces the manpower requirements, improves patient care and reduces risk. A unique spreader bar allows the litter to pivot between the side straps as the head of the litter clears the edge. Constructed of 26.7 kN (6,000 lbf) one-inch flat web for high strength and light weight, the Vertical-Lift Litter Harness features buckles for easy adjustment and comes with a Delta Quick Link. Weight: 1.3kg Colour: Orange

Dual Fold Emergency Stretcher with Bag


Dual Fold Emergency Stretcher with Bag

Emergency Four Fold Stretcher With Carry Bag Canvas Style Materi


Quad Fold Stretcher: The classic stretcher with aluminium poles and easy clean vinyl. 3 models available. The Two Pole Stretcher, the Dual Fold Stretcherwith centre fold for easier storage and the Quad fold stretcherwhich folds into a portable backpack unit. • 1800mm x 520mm x 125mm • 7kg to 160kg 

Ferno Emergency Pole Stretcher


Ferno Emergency Pole Stretcher

Traverse Rescue Pillow - Blanket

HAR Stretcher02122

The Litter Blanket/Pillow consists of a weather-resistant vinyl cover that encases the included Traverse blanket. Made of an extremely lightweight washable fleece, the blanket can be taken out for victim warmth, used in patient packaging, or kept in the case to be used as a pillow. Two hook-and-loop attachment strips securely fasten the blanket/pillow to the litter. Weight:  1.2kg Colour:  Black with Yellow Case  

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