Strike Team 12 Hour Food Pack

Strike Team 12 Hour Food Pack

Product Code : StrikeTeam017

These packs are designed to be used when personnel need to be self sufficient
for a 12 hour period. It fulfils the wide range of nutritional requirements to give
workers an constant energy souce whilst carrying out their tasks.

All products have a minimum shelf life of 6 months. The self heating meal has a
shelf life of 3 years. The packs can be packaged in a variety of size combinations
to suit individual appliances and brigade requirements.

The Strike Team 12 Hour Food Pack Contains:
• 1 x Self Heating Meal
• 1 x Muesli Bar
• 1 x Packet of Sultanas
• 1 x Fruit in Jelly
• 1 x Sweet Biscuit Pack
• 1 x Dry Crackers Pack
• 1 x Cheese and Biscuits Pack
• 2 x Fruit Wise Roll Ups
• 3 x Barley Sugar Lollies
• 1 x Packet of Lifesavers
• 3 x Sqwincher Qwik Stik Electrolyte Replacement


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