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US Diver Shredder SAR Fins - Yellow


Designed for water rescue and SAR swimming, the Shredder SAR fins have the short fin shape for explosive thrust and exceptional manoeuvrability. With a large foot pocket and the adjustable heel strap, the Shredder can be worn over water boots such as the AMPHIB, as well as the booties. The patented, hydrodynamic split blade design provides a more efficient water flow for improved thrust while reducing ankle and leg fatigue. The padded heel strap and soft foot pocket provide an added level of comfort. Lugs on the sole of the foot add traction when walking. An integral quick-release leash secures the fin in the roughest water. The Shredder comes only in size Large which adjusts to fit most swimmers boots and booties. • Overall length: 42 cm • Blade width: 25cm • Weight: 1.8kg per pair

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