TB 25 Nozzle - Brass

TB 25 Nozzle - Brass

Product Code : Nozzle0302

$261.80 AUDInc. GST

TB 25 Nozzle 38mm - Brass

The TB nozzle offers a variety of both materials and capacities to meet individual required specifications.  Triple purpose nozzles can be used in conjunction with an optional branch pipe or by direct connection to a firefighting hose, monitor or other equipment.

These nozzles are robust, compact and dependable with straight jet, spray & water curtain settings. Our nozzles are tried and tested in some of the harshest mining and industrial applications throughout Australia.

Easy to use with a twist shut off, jet and fog patterns. The TB25 38mm is capable across a wide range of pressure using 170lpm at 345kpa (50psi) on a jet and 340lpm on a full curtain.

Its simplicity makes it ideal for use in industrial applications where fire training occurs less frequently than dedicated emergency response teams. Turn the hose on twist the nozzle on and point at the fire.


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