TFT Nozzle - Model H-VPGI 95-300 gpm @ 100psi w-38mm BSP inlet

TFT Nozzle - Model H-VPGI 95-300 gpm @ 100psi w-38mm BSP inlet

Product Code : Nozzle059

HANDLINE W/GRIP 65mm NH (2.5")
Automatic 100 psi (7 bar) pressure control with a flow capacity of 95-300 gpm
(360-1150 l/min). Includes flush without shutting down, patented slide-type
valve for turbulence-free flow control, six detent flow positions, molded
rubber teeth for full-fill "power fog", and "Gasket Grabber" inlet screen.
Pistol grip is mounted below the valve (H-2VPGI) or behind the valve (H-2VPG).

Lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminum materials for maximum resistance to
corrosion and wear. 65mm NH (2.5") rocker lug full-time swivel coupling is standard.

• Flow Control Method:   Automatic (constant pressure, variable flow, constant gallonage,
  flow does not change with pattern)
• Flow Rate:  95-300 gpm (360-1150 l/min)
• Coupling Size (Nozzles):   65mm (2.5")
• Coupling Style (Nozzles):  Rocker
• Coupling Swiveling/Rigid (Nozzles):  Swivel (full time, even after tightening)
• Pressure:  100 psi (7bar)
• Nozzle Body Style:   Nozzle with shutoff and pistol grip
• Valve Design:  Slide Valve (Stainless)
• Valve Actuation Method:  Horseshoe (Injection Molded Nylon w/ Colored Handle)
• Fog Pattern Method:  Molded Rubber Teeth (fixed)
• Nozzle Bumper Material:  Rubber - bonded
• Certifications: N/A


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