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LED Lenser P14.2 Torch


The newly updated LED LENSER P14.2 features a 1.5-inch reflector-lens, the heart of our Advanced Focus System™, which sends an incredibly bright and focused light beam far into the distance. A new and powerful CREE® LED chip is powered by four standard AA batteries to produce up to an amazing 350 lumens, and this light also features our patented modular system for quick assembly or maintenance. The all-new P14.2 makes a great hunting, camping, or work light.  Specifications Focus: Speed Focus Battery: 4 x AA Battery Life: 2 hours Lumens: 320 Max Watts: 3.97 Length: 19.7cm

LED Lenser P17.2 High Performance Torch


First-responders and emergency crews need durable, bright flashlights that are not only shock-proof, but also resistant to a wide range of temperatures. The three D-cell batteries required to power the upgraded P17.2 provide spotlight-like output at 450 lumens and superior durability, including a new textured black coating that improves grip and a larger for easy and more comfortable handling. The Advanced Focus System™ technology allows the user to focus for either long-range spot viewing, or an up-close spill beam for reading that doesn't tire the eye. The P17.2 is truly a tactical light with practical technology. Specifications Length: 306mm Weight:773g Lumen: 460 Batteries:3xD Max Distance: 420m Max Run Time: 30h On/Off: Dynamic Switch  

LED Lenser P7.2 Tactical Focus Torch


This light is one of the most popular LED flashlights on the market today, and we’ve updated and upgraded both features and technology in our new P7.2 for the best possible light experience. The P7.2 flashlight has simple to remember high/low/off settings, and features the Advanced Focus System™ to quickly cast a far-off spot, or close up spill light for reading. Extremely durable anodized aluminum casing surrounds the four AAA batteries needed to power this impressively bright light, enhanced by a new CREE® LED chip. The all-new P7.2 is 13cm long, the perfect combination of size, power, reliability and easy-to-use operation – great for camping, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, work and more. Specifications Length:130mm Weight: 175g Max Lumens: 320 Max Run Time: 50h Batteries: 4 x AAA On/Off: Dynamic Switch

LED Lenser X21.2 Tactical Torch


LED LENSER’s upgraded X21.2 has an impressive run time of up to 100 hours, nearly 400% longer than the original X21, and offers incredible lighting power at 1600 lumens for over 600 meters. Added technology features include Smart Light Technology™, which allows the user to program light functions specifically for the task at hand, and LED LENSER’s Advanced Focus System™ and X-Lens Technology™, both of which improve light customizability and quality. A low battery message system which lets the user know when the light is nearing the end of run time, making the X21.2 one of those true feats of engineering and design that you have to hold to appreciate its impressive power and authority. Specifications Max Lumens: 1500 Max Burn Time: 100h Length: 39.7cm Weight: 1400g Battery: 4 x D Cell      

LED Lenser X21R Rechargeable Torch - Hard Case


When it comes to the X21R, the figures alone are impressive: 5,000 lumens light output with a beam range of up to 800m and a maximum run time of 40 hours. The unbelievable beam range of this flashlight will completely amaze its user - its light beam can cross the strength if eight soccer fields, which makes it the perfect searchlight!! Light Functions - These settings are a pure, bright delight: Power - high light output for every situation Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working Boost - short-duration maximum power for more brightness Blink - automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals S.O.S - the distress signal the light emits is SOS in Morse code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short) Strobe - flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, self-defence Position - regular light impulses at long intervals for position marking Special Functions - That special something about this Ledlenser: Transportation Lock - prevents the light from being turned on inadvertently Dimmable -seamless adjustment of the luminosity IP-Class - Safety features of the Ledlenser: P54 - Protection against water projected in powerful spray Energy Management - Full control over your power status: Charge Indicator - it shows the current charge status of the battery Battery Indicator - it shows the current level of the battery By using rechargeable batteries, you're not just protecting your wallet, but also the environment. Regular batteries, after all, require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption for transport and storage, the CO2 emissions are huge. Technical Details LED Configuration - 7 x Xtreme LED Luminosity - Max 5000 lm - Min 200lm Lighting Range - Max 800m to Min 150m Battery Duration - Max 40h - Min 2h Battery - 1 x LiFePO4  3x32700 Battery Pack 9.6V Battery Capacity - 48.00 Wh Length (defocused) - 405mm Head Diameter - 95mm Weight - 1315g 

Pelican 2365 Flex Neck Torch


DIRECT LIGHT WHERE YOU NEED IT! The new 2365 LED flex neck light from Pelican lets you shine light where it''s needed. Whether you are working in the engine bay of your car or under the fuselage of a jet, the 2365 ensures you can work hands free in bright LED light. A magnetic base attaches metal surfaces and the 15" flexible neck directs 65 lumens of bright LED light. A push button tail switch activates the efficient 2365 for 7 hours of burntime on two standard AA batteries. The new 2365 by Pelican allows you to be flexible at work. Built Pelican tough Compact and lightweight Super bright LED beam Runs with 2 x AA batteries (not included)

$104.94 AUD

Pelican 3310ELS Emergency Lighting Station


When the power goes out, the Pelican™ 3310 ELS appears: a self-contained glowing beacon and flashlight that's easy to locate in the dark. Housed in a clear tamper-proof case, the Pelican™ 3310 ELS mounts to the wall in the home, office or factory, making it available during any power outage. The new Pelican™ 3310 ELS: You'll never lose it. 378 lumens on high 39 lumens on low 8 hours runtime on high 202 hours runtime on low 3AA batteries (included)

Pelican 3325 LED Torch 162 Lumens


Pelican 3325 LED Torch 162 Lumens Compact, uses 3AA batteries (batteries included) Rear switch - easy one-hand operation Photoluminescent shroud Optional helmet mount (sold separately) - The Pacific Easi on UK clip will not hold this torch 162 lumens 16 hours run time 144m beam distance Class I, Division 1 IECEx ia

$67.30 AUD

Pelican 3325 Torch Helmet Clip


Pacific Helmet Clip for the Pelican 3325 torch - please note only the clip is supplied not the mount.

$5.20 AUD

Pelican 3410M Photoluminescent Torch with Magnet


Stop working in the dark! With a brightness of up to 653 lumens, these flashlights are so intense that you''ll see all the details in the darkest job sites with up to 61 hours of run time. You''ll have enough light for several shifts on just one set of batteries. Its all the brightness and run time you''ll need to finish the job. Light Output: up to 653 lumens Run Time: up to 61 hours Light Levels: High, Med and Low Modes: Spot/Flood/Spot & Flood Batteries: 3AA IP Rating: IPX8 (1m) Colour: Photoluminescent Magnet clip allows for additional hands-free applications 90 degree articulating head which allows you to get light where you need it, when you need it

$62.65 AUD

Pelican 3415M Right Angle Torch with Magnet


The most versatile intrinsically safe work light in the world The 3415 is the ultimate safety certified compact work light. The Class I II III Division 1 certifications provide the security needed for most hazardous locations. The 3415 is equipped with both a spot and flood LED for close-up as well as distance, so you can have wide area light in the immediate work area and still penetrate darkness hundreds of yards away. It can be activated to run one or both LEDs with 3 levels of brightness. The articulating head and built-in clip allows the light to be directed wherever it is needed. The Pelican 3415- a professional grade multi-task lighting tool that will help you get the job done- under any circumstances. Articulating Light Head 3 modes: Spot, Flood or Both Security Lanyard Lumens: 336 Attached clip Battery Size: AA Battery Qty: 3 Class I, Division 1/Class II, Division 1/Class III, Division 1/IECEx ia

$62.65 AUD

Pelican Big Ed Alkaline Torch 4C


Designed for the firefighter, the Big Ed is the choice of flashlight for the turnout gear. The unbreakable ABS body resists chemicals, water, and corrosion. Rubber side grips prevent slipping and the push button switch on the side is easy to operate, even with thick gloves. For hands-free use, a heavy duty stainless steel clip is built in. The 3700 uses a hi-intensity Xenon lamp that produces a beam strong enough to cut through thick smoke and dust. A back-up emergency lamp is housed behind the reflector. Battery replacement is easy with its quick change battery ejection system. The Big Ed is powered by 4 C alkaline cells. Light output: High 39 Lumens Runtime: 6 Hours 15 Mins Beam Disatance: 98 meters Batteries: 4 C Alkaline (not included)

Streamlight Survivor LED Alkaline Model ATEX


Streamlight Survivor LED Alkaline Model Zone 2 Right Angle Torch - Orange ATEX Approved A lightweight, hand-held personal light with right angle head designed for use in hazardous locations. It features a bright piercing beam that cuts through smoke, fog and mist for greater visibility. The Survivor also has a spring-loaded clip that grabs onto gear for easy, hands-free use. Features: C4® LED technology with four lighting modes: High for a super-bright beam that pierces through smoke Low for bright light and longer run time Flash for signalling - runs 8 hours Moonlight mode provides low-level lighting for battery conservation - runs 20 days Custom designed optic with optional, interchangeable Smoke Cutter® plugs for preferred beam pattern Strong spring-loaded clip securely grabs onto belts and gear; D-ring features forward hanging orientation  

Streamlight Vantage 180 Helmet Torch


Giving you the ultimate versatility in a firefighter’s light, the Vantage 180 goes instantly from a helmet light to a handheld light to a right-angle light. Wear it, hold it, clip it, or even hang it! Features Blue LED for helmet mount use and visibility in heavy smoke White LED for a downcast flood light to see what’s at your feet; switches from blue when head is at a 90º angle High-impact, “super-tough” nylon chemically-resistant engineering polymer construction Integrated multi-function stainless steel pocket clip for a variety of attachment methods Turnout gear attachment hook Ultra-bright blue taillight LED Meets requirements of NFPA 1971-8.6 (2007) IPX7 waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes; 1m impact resistance tested 13.20 cm,156 grams with batteries High for a super-bright spot beam: 250 lumens 7,200 candela 170m beam runs 4 hours Low for a less intense beam and longer run time: 100 lumens; 2,650 candela; 103m beam; runs 12 hours Rear LED Taillight changes from blue to white

Walther Pro PL80 Light


The Walther Pro PL80 is powered by four alkaline AAA batteries. With a length of 134mm it fits perfectly in your hand. The high-quality Cree chip pumps more than 500 lumens through the 35mm reflector lens. Thanks to the Beam Adjustment System (BAS) the reflector head can be pushed with one hand to produce the type of beam required: from a narrow spotlight for long distances to a large cone for illuminating the immediate surroundings. In design the PL80 cuts no corners when it comes to quality. The body, made of anodized matte aircraft aluminum, is sturdy but light. The easy-grip nonreflecting surface is splashwater protected (IPX4), and the recessed switch allows the flashlight to be set on its end while turned on. 535 lumens (with 4 x AAA alkaline batteries - included) Cree XM-L2 LED Anti-reflex aircraft aluminium body Fast Focus Change - adjustable with only one hand Three Light Output settings - 100%, 40%, 10% Beam Adjustment System Multi Battery System Tactical Defence Strobe Fast Fix Focus Time Control System Temperature Management System Length: 134mm Weight: 161g Includes 4 x AAA batteries, pouch, lanyard

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