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Arizona Vortex Lower Leg

HAR Tripod023

While the Standard Kit will certainly be enough for most situations, some teams will pick up a few extra items to extend the capability of the ARIZONA VORTEX For instance, if the rescue team wishes to build a high equal-sided tripod 3.0min height for confined space entry with plenty of head room, ordering 2 extra lower legs (making the total nine (9) instead of seven (7) will allow each leg of the tripod to have three (3) total lower legs.    

Arizona Vortex Quick Release Pin

HAR Tripod0221

Two sizes are available 3/8" Leg Pins and 1/2" Head Pins.  

CMC Arizona Vortex 9 Place Foot Bag

HAR Tripod0244

Made of a padded double layer of Cordura nylon to protect your MPD, this storage bag features a hook-and-loop closure on the top to keep the bag sealed, but allows quick access. Web handles double as pull tabs for easy opening and can be used to hang the bag from a hook or carabiner. The storage bag fits either 13mm or 11mm MPD models.

CMC Arizona Vortex Foot Bag

HAR Tripod025

The Vortex Bag System boasts CODURA® nylon, high visibility colors and comfort shoulder straps.

CMC Arizona Vortex Head Bag

HAR Tripod0241

Designed for ultimate accessibility and quick access

Designed for ultimate accessibility and quick access, the new AZ Vortex Bag System is extremely rugged and able to be carried on the back into the wilderness or in an industrial environment. Made of durable Cordura® nylon, they feature extra protection in high-wear places for exceptional longevity. The head backpack features end-to-end-zippers for full-length flat opening. One side securely cradles the two head components in custom pockets with protective padding and stows the pin set bag attached by a quick-release strap. The opposite side holds both the 40-foot 8mm tether cord and (3) AZ HobbleStraps and has a molle strip for attaching additional gear. Padded shoulder and sternum straps can be stowed internally, so that the backpack can be carried gear-bag style with the comfortable side-grip carry handle. The back pad features breathable D3 cloth. The front panel has an external zipper pocket for the AZ Vortex User’s Manual or other items, and an additional internal pocket for holding pulleys, carabiners and hardware. (AZ Vortex components, pulleys and carabiners sold separately.) The three leg bags feature hand carry handles and an adjustable padded shoulder sling for easy transport. End-to-end zippers for full-length opening either direction provide easy access, and the oversize bags can carry additional leg components. Two internal padded dividers allow for separated protection of the legs. • Weight:  8.2kg• Colour: Blue, Black & Grey

CMC Arizona Vortex Leg Bag

HAR Tripod0243

Designed for ultimate accessibility and quick access, the Vortex Bag System is extremely rugged and able to be carried on the back into the wilderness or in an industrial environment. Made of durable Cordura® nylon, they feature extra protection in high-wear places for exceptional longevity.

Ferno Arachnipod TEMS Kit with 2m Bridge

HAR Tripod31

The Ferno Arachnipod is the world’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS). Components can be added or removed as required so that the Arachnipod complements existing structural or natural features. The unique design of the patent-pending modular head means the Arachnipod can be constructed into many different configurations including a ginpole/monopole, bipod, tripod, quadpod, bridge system and handrail recovery monopole. For heavy loads, four legs can used to form a quadpod and increase the safe working load (SWL). Its versatility makes it an ideal system for workers in industries such as rescue and emergency services, construction, military, utility services, mining, film and maintenance. Approved to CE Standard EN 795B

LINQ - Confined Space Entry Tripod

HAR Tripod027

Tripod | Tripod And Bag 2.9M | LINQ Height Safety ­The LINQ Confined Space Tripod is lightweight and portable. Made from aluminium, LINQ tripods can move easily from one job to another and can be setup by one person. Adjustable legs come with pins and a safety chain to ensure secure placement when in position. The LINQ tripod head provides dual anchorage points to allow for backup systems to be used. Locking pins provide a further safety feature by ensuring the winch wire rope sits Lightweight and Portable for ease of setup by one person. Telescopic legs allow height adjustment for increased versatility, comes with locking pins attached by cable. Comes with mounting bracket for LINQ rescue winch. Dual anchorage points rated at 12Kn Comes with safety chain for secure placement of legs Twin mounted pulleys in the tripod head for prolonged guiding of the winch cable through the main leg. Steel supported feet with rubber sole increases friction assisting in slippery environments and provides stability. Weight 16.8Kg +/- 10gms Adjustable height between 1.9m - 2.9m At minimum height distance between legs (feet points): 1.2m At maximum height distance between legs (feet points): 1.8m Lifting load capacity of 500Kg Static Strength: Both Eye Anchorages tested at 12Kn for 3 minutes Dynamic Strength & Integrity Test: When tested dynamically with a rigid mass of 100 Kg, the test mass shall be arrested, and anchor hold an increased mass of 300 Kg for 3 minutes Corrosion Protection: Corrosion test in accordance with ISO 9227:2012-: 24 hours neutral salt spray, followed by a further 24 hours salt spray. No visual evidence of any rust damage present Certified to EN375:2012  

Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex Multipod

HAR Tripod02

Vortex Bag System Designed for ultimate accessibility and quick access.

The Vortex has a two-piece break-apart head that can be rigged as a standard tripod, or in advanced applications, as an A-Frame, a sideways A-Frame, or a Gin Pole. The "easel" leg allows the tripod to be leaned to form an easel A-Frame, placing anchor points closer to the cliff or structure edge. With adjustable leg lengths and a versatile third leg, the Multipod lets rescuers set up an artificial high directional in virtually any urban, industrial or wilderness location. Three different types of Vortex feet are available to provide secure footing on varying terrain. • Weight: 28 kg • Proof loaded: 23 kN• Safe working load: 2.7 kN  

Rock Exotica Vortex Pin Bag

HAR Tripod0242

Rock Exotica Vortex Pin BagPicture - Bag only• Other items sold separately or as a package

Vortex Flat Feet

HAR Tripod022

The Flat Foot is designed to work well on flat surfaces such as floors, roadways or roofs and has a wide surface area, which helps prevent penetration. The Flat Foot features a rubber layer on the bottom to provide optimal grip on flat surfaces. Four anchor points in each corner of the foot, as well as a hole in the leg, allow for a variety of anchoring/hobbling options• Weight: Approx 1.3kg

Vortex Raptor Feet - set of 3

HAR Tripod021

The Raptor Foot features a replacement carbide tip designed to reach into small holes or cracks for optimal grip on uneven surfaces. Foot rotation is adjustable to allow correct orientation od claw relative configuration of Vortex. Two holes and a slot are machined into the Raptor Foot to accommodate hobbles straps and other means of anchoring.• Weight: Approx 470gm

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