Walther Pro XL3000 Light

Product Code : TorchWP04

The huge beam of this Walther Pro XL3000 flashlight is generated by three specially configured reflector lenses, each measuring 35mm (Beam Adjustment System). Power is provided by four D-alkaline (1.5V) or four NiMH rechargeable batteries, each with 1.2V, producing a 1850-lumen spot light.

The XL series was made for customers who need a rugged flashlight of impressive light performance, but also impressive dimensions. It is also provided with the Multi Battery System (MBS). Nevertheless the design is as compact as possible. The XL3000 light comes with two lanyard eyelets and a shoulder strap for easy wearing. All XL flashlights come in sturdy polymer cases.

The XL3000 can come with optional rechargeable batteries and cable, this is called the XL3000r light.

BETTER LIGHTING. Light performance for professionals and enthusiasts. Designed and engineered in Germany by light technology specialists. Made and tested according to ANSI FL1 (American National Standards Institute).


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