CMC ProSeries Stretcher Lifting Bridle

CMC ProSeries Stretcher Lifting Bridle

Product Code : HAR Stretcher0111

This fully adjustable litter harness intended for use with a rigid litter features
parachute buckles on each of the four legs. This allows them to be adjusted
independently, so the litter can be quickly and easily set at the best angle for
condition or patient comfort.

A heavy duty O-ring is used for the top tie-in point and a 3m tender line
(CMC Static-Pro Lifeline) and a nylon storage bag are included.
** Carabiners not included.

The ProSeries® Litter Harness is now certified to NFPA 1983, Auxiliary Equipment,
General Use, 67 kN MBS.

• Product Weight:  2.3kg
• Colour: Black
• NFPA Rating General Use
• 3 Sigma  MBS 67 KN (15,061 LBF)


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