Goliath Joel 250 Portable Light

Goliath Joel 250 Portable Light

Product Code : Lighting00

The Goliath 250 Worklight highlights the work you do.

Quality Light ensures a soft pleasant light, made with Amalgam light Goliath Worklights are the closest you can get to daylight. In comparison, halogen lights emit a hard concentrated ray of light that blinds the worker and casts dangerous shadows over the work area.

Easy to handle as the Goliath Worklight do not heat up.

Long Durability and sturdy design guarantees light whenever the Goliath Worklight is switched on – no nuisance, no trouble.

Safety as the Goliath Worklights has double insulation and is made of a non-conducting plastic material, preventing accidents to arise from loose connections in the light.


  • Watt: 55W
  • Light (lumen): 4000
  • Weight(kg): 2.9
  • Dimensions (mm) 316x316x91
  • Protection: IP65


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