Lifetec Water Rescue Dummy

Lifetec Water Rescue Dummy

Product Code : Dummy072

Lifetec Water Rescue Dummy - Adult Man Overboard 1.8m - 40 Kg

For all water rescue scenarios. Floats vertically or horizontally with head and shoulders above the water. The carcass of this dummy allows water to ingress which approximately doubles the dry weight of the dummy, ie: 40kg dry weight dummy becomes about 65kg in the water. The water rapidly drains from the dummy when recovered from the water. The tough overall has additional pockets in the shin area for buoyancy foam (supplied) to be added to make it float horizontally. Hi-vis orange or hard-to-see black models. Standard gum boots with drain holes in sole.

Ideal for man overboard search and rescue exercises in the open ocean, streams, lakes or other inland waterways.

Features & Benefits:

  • Floats horizontally, vertically or at 45 degrees, to simulate a live person or dead body - achieved by redistributing foam pieces within the overalls in a matter of seconds.
  • The tough nylon mesh carcass allows the water to penetrate quickly, allowing the legs to drop beneath the surface, leaving only the head and shoulders visible, if desired.
  • Dry weight 40Kg (Adult) increases to approximately 65Kg retrieval weight from water.
  • Bright orange overalls and SOLAS reflective tape on the head make the manikin highly visible.
  • Strong webbing loop at the back allows easy handling, storage and suspension for drying.
  • Comes complete with overalls and boots, which are easily replaced if damaged.


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