ResQMax Line Deployment Kit

ResQMax Line Deployment Kit

Product Code : HAR Line Thrower 001

The ResQmax Kit 410 is a Line Deployment Kit supplied with two payloads
and all the accessories required to operate the ResQmax.

The Dacron Line is a messenger line which allows for long range horizontal deployment distances of 122m.

This line can be used to tow larger, stronger ropes across a canyon, river, or other large distance
which can not easily be accessed by foot.

The Polyspectra Line has a stronger test strength of 1,000 kg and is intended to be used in water-based operations
which require the line to float.

The ResQmax Streamline Filler Hose facilitates charging the projectiles with compressed air from an Air Compressor, an SCBA Tank, or a SCUBA Tank. The service pressure of these projectiles is 207 bar.

This kit comes complete with spares and a Kit Carry Bag for easy transport and storage. Optional accessories include
the ResQmax Tool Kit, and a Rigid Transport/Storage Case.

Additional projectiles and lines are available with all of the ResQmax Kits.


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